Thursday, November 11, 2010

An important message from my 10 year old son Itamar

My name is Itamar Steiner. I am writing to you to seek help for two friends of mine who walked to Israel from Sudan where they were born.

Poogy and Deng left their country to escape the war. Their dog was killed by a robber in Sudan before they came to Israel. It was too dangerous to live there.

My new city, Tel Aviv, really tries taking care of refugees. They send about 20 kids from the poor neighborhoods of South Tel Aviv to get an education at my school. One of the problems is that my class mates are not used to having African kids at school. Some kids were picking on Poogy and Deng. I decided to invite them to my birthday party so they could show off what good athletes they are.

One weekend when they came to sleep over, they came to baseball practice with me. They loved it and my dad spoke to the head of the league about getting them full scholarships. Now they come home with me twice a week and then we go to baseball practice.

They come to school on a bus the city provides for them, but when they come to baseball we need to get them a ride home. On Fridays my dad and I drive them home and we see how they live. Poogy and Deng each have many siblings. Poogy’s family lives in 1 and a half rooms for 8 people.
Deng’s family is pretty much the same. Their older brother’s have to work many hours as well as their parents. People take advantage of the fact that they don’t have solid legal status and they are paid very low wages. Their landlords take advantage of them. For one and a half rooms, they pay over $600, and the rent is going up.

As their good friend, I have decided to raise money to support their families. As generous people, I turn to you for support. My dad taught me that in the Midrash and Koran it says, “If you save one life, it is as if you saved the world.” Imagine how much good you would do if you helped save two families.

If you are interested in helping, please respond by email and I will tell you how you can help. Write me via my dad at and please pass this on to your friends.

Thank you,

Itamar Steiner